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JSC “Horo mechanika” began its activities in 2006. We started with sales of tractors, semi-trailers, field and orchard sprayers, and currently offer wide range of equipment /machinery for agricultural, forest, garden, communal, environmental, loading and transportation work.
Area of our sales includes Lithuania, Latvia and other neighbouring countries.
Our advantages are: high-quality technology, exceptional attention to customer needs and the continuous expansion of the product range.
All products in sale are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty.
Equipment/machinery meet EU requirements so you can take advantage of EU support programs.

JSC “Horo mechanika” represents the following trade marks:

LS Tractor – Tractors from 27 to 100 hp (South Korea). We represent this trade mark in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries
LS Tractor Forest – Forest tractor (South Korea)
Belarus – Tractors (Belarus) Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ).
Palms Trailer – Dump truck, platform, grain transportation, animal transportation, container transportation semi-trailers (Estonia)
Palms – Forest trailers (Estonia)
Caffini – Mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers (Italy)
Repossi – Haymakers (Italy)
Kurt – Pneumatic and mechanical grain seeders
Orsi – Environmental, communal and forest equipment (Italy)
Raiko – Ice crushers (Finland)
Farmi – Shredders of tree branches (Finland)
Naarva – forest machinery, wood cutting and chopping devices (heads) (Finland)
Fimaks – feed preparation, fertilizing, landscaping, communal and other machinery
Same – Environmental, communal and forest machinery/equipment. (Estonia)
Stark – Snow blades, graders, brushes-brooms, road cleaning systems, buckets (Finland)
Hygrade – Graders (Canada)
Unia (Mars, Ares, Kos) – Plows, harrows and other agricultural machines (Poland)
Kverneland – Plows and other agricultural machines (Germany)
Bianchi – Ecological harrow (Italy)
Jagoda – Gardening and horticulture Equipment (Poland)
Moskit – Sprayers (Poland)
Alieco Alimix – Feeders (Netherlands)
Exact – Mowers and mulchers (Czech Republic)
Caravaggi – Shredders of tree branches (Italy)
Faucheux – Frontal loaders. (France)
Profipro – Forest machinery (Finland)
Dingomasa – Log transportation machinery (Spain)

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JSC "Horo mechanika".
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